The Best Place to Buy Halloween Costumes: AMAZON!

I can’t believe it’s already October! Like how?! When?!  Time to prep for the holidays! First is Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas! 

So lets get to the Halloween planning!  Growing up, my parents didn’t really believe in celebrating Halloween.  The only time they finally allowed us to wear costumes is when we participated in the school Halloween parades.  It was low key embarrassing because I remember my parents buying costumes for me that made me look so weird and awkward. One year, I was Bugs Bunny for Halloween! It was horrible! Everyone kept asking me to say “What’s Up Doc??” Now that I’m a parent, I am giving my kids all the opportunities to enjoy Halloween and have cool costumes!

Having twins has made this time of the year one of my favorites! I love dressing up the twins in matching costumes. Every year, I ask the twins what they want to be for Halloween and I run and go find that costume.


Batman and Catgirl


Gekko and Owlette from PJ Masks


Cow Boy and Cow Girl

Every year, the twins get more and more creative about who or what they want to be for Halloween. What makes it especially challenging this year is the new additions who have joined our annual tradition. This has forced me to find four different costumes that match. This year, the kids have given me the task to make them dinosaurs for Halloween!




With this challenge, I find the best place to purchase Halloween costumes is Amazon. Here’s why:


I have been purchasing the twins costumes from Amazon for 2 years now (starting with the PJ Masks costumes). It was always easy to find costumes under $35 and the costumes often times came with fun accessories for the kids to play with.


Easy returns

Thankfully, I was always spot on with the sizing that I never needed to return any item. In the chance that I would need to in the future, Amazon makes returns super easy. They often times will send a new requested size to you even before they receive the returned item!


There are always tons of reviews to look at before purchasing

Of course before I make a purchase, I do my research. Is it cheaper to purchase outside Amazon? Is it true to size or do I need to size up/ down? Is the quality good? Does it look like the advertised picture? The list goes on! Thankfully, there are always tons of reviews and customer photos to look at to compare. And if there isn’t, free and easy returns baby!


Original Selections

Amazon matches my kids imagination. Whatever they want to be for Halloween, I’m pretty sure Amazon will have it available for me to purchase! I love seeing how my kids face light up when I come home with their costumes based off of what they wanted. Sure, they will be happy with any costume but it’s fun to make it seem like I used magic to bring their Halloween dreams to life!


For those of you that are still looking for costumes for your kids this year, the following is a selection of costumes I thought are cool, unique and affordable! You’re welcome!


Until next time,


Photo credits: Blip

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