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Hey everyone!  Wow, how long has it been?!  If you have been following me on social media, you probably have an idea that I have been pretty busy handling so many life changes!  For those of you that have been here, I’ll soon fill you in.  You can also check me out on my Instagram page here.


So three big things have happened to my family and I:

1.      We are no longer a family of four.  March 2019, another set of twins was added to our family making us a family of six and the dynamic of our home instantly changed!

2.     I got a new job!  I still work for the same company, but both my husband and I now work in different organizations within the company.

3.     Our new jobs are in Texas so we moved! Yes, we are no longer living in California!  Was this what we wanted? Yes, for a very long time and we are happy we were able to finally move.  Will we miss California? Definitely, but we are looking forward to the new adventure we have found ourselves in.


This has been a huge change for my family so you can imagine the need for me to take a step back from blogging to really get my life together.  But now I’m back and I promise you all I am going to be better than ever!  I have used this time off to really think about what I want my blog to be about and how I want to use my platforms to better serve you all. 

My blog is a space for all working mothers to learn, share, and vent about the blessings and hardships of being ambitious in our careers and home life as well as staying true to ourselves as individuals. Not yet a mother but curious about how to balance it all one day? This is the place for you!

The purpose of my blog is to create a safe space that I would have liked to have when I was a new mom and new in my career: a space where I saw other women go through similar struggles of making career and family management decisions that people generally frowned upon or judged working mothers for.

I am a career driven mom of four.  I love to excel in my work environment.  I love to spend time with my family.  I love to doll myself up and party with my friends.  I can’t say I’ve figured out how to manage and balance life as a wife, mother, and woman; but I will say I’m enjoying the multiple attempts I make to figure it out.  If you have been a loyal subscriber or if you are not yet subscribed but a little intrigued in what’s to come, stick around!  Let’s go through this journey and figure it out together (Not to mention, I have a giveaway coming up very soon)!


If you would like to know more or have anything in mind you want to see on my blog, leave a comment! I am open to respond to any questions or comments you all may have!

Until next time,


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