The Benefits of Using a Contours Double Stroller

Being a mother to two sets of twins, I have gone through three different double strollers over the course of five years.

The first stroller I used was the Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Double Stroller. This stroller was on the cheaper end at costing less than $200. It did its job but started breaking down by the time Adaeze and Arinze were about two years old. Because our kids were so big and tall for their age, we went with a more durable and popular stroller, the Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller. This stroller was amazing but it was way too expensive. We paid around $700! We never imagined having twins again so when the first set of twins out grew the double stroller, we got rid of them.


When we were faced with purchasing a double stroller yet again, we went with a stroller that was not too expensive but durable and hopefully guaranteed to last the whole time the twins would use it. We ended up going with the Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller and I love it so much! Here’s why:

It is compatible with any infant car seat.

With a purchase of an carseat adapter ($25), you can use any infant car seat with this stroller. I love that I was not constrained to use my preferred brand for my infant car seat with this stroller.


It is easy to maneuver.

This stroller moves so smoothly and easy! It moves as if it is as light as a feather and I am able to make sharp turns without a problem. Moving the twins in and out of the car seat is also very easy.


Comparable to other expensive brands.

This double stroller is comparable to the Baby Jogger City Select Stroller. I used this stroller previously and although it was nice, it was really expensive for us! The Contours stroller holds the same quality for a few hundred dollars cheaper!

It looks beautiful!

Just look at it! The first stroller I had was green. The second one was red. I am so happy to come to my senses and get a simple black stroller that looks clean even when dirty.


It fits my trunk!

I have a Mercedes GL and it fits my trunk easily. GL trunks are not crazy big, so I am really glad I am able to fit my stroller in the trunk easily.

My prayer is that I never have to purchase another car seat ever again in life… at least for myself. What are some other double strollers that you recommend?


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