Family or Nothing

Hey guys!!! Happy New Month and welcome back to Onyee's LifeStyle!!! It feels so good to be back blogging.  My goal this time around is to really focus on writing content that is important to me and my subscribers and being consistent with it.  I don't care if I have just 5 or 10 active subscribers.  Whatever you guys are interested in seeing on this site, let me know and I got you!

One of the things I do to stay focused and maintain momentum in whatever tasks or projects I work on is to practice self talk.  Yes, I truly believe in the power of saying things out loud.  I believe that when you say something out loud, you speak it into existence.  Good or bad, it is destined to become your reality.  So each month, I will start the month off by speaking into existence a positive message to enter into my method of how I blog, how I interact with you all, and so much more.  I also believe that any positive topic i discuss on my blog will speak into existence into the lives of you all as well.  

So for the month of August, my positive message of the month is

"Family or Nothing"

When I say family, I don't necessarily mean my mother, father, child, husband, or cousin.  The people I regard as family are people who have proven themselves to treat me like family: happy when I succeed, but also there for me to help plan my next move when I fail.  In my experience, I have cross paths with people who have been like "family" and those that haven't.  There are people out there that appear to be like "family" but are not.  My positive message for this month is to recognize those that are not really here for you and stay clear. 

Stay clear of the following people in your life:

1. People who are there for you when you are up, but are nowhere to be seen when you are down

2. People who are willing to help you as long as they get something in return

3. People that are just plain haters; they can never recognize the blessings in your life

Learn to stay clear of these people.  

In this month of August, let the people who enter your life be people who are like "family":

1. Those who support you when you are right, and support you when you are wrong

2. Those that push you when you refuse to push yourself

3. Those that bring relentless positivity into your life

3. Those that make it a priority in their relationship with you to lift you up

4. Those that appreciate that you conduct all these characteristics towards them as well and see it as nothing but a blessing

Until next time,


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