This Is Me... Deal With It, World

Earlier today, I posted on Instagram, showing a glimpse into my 2018 journey.  Click here to check that post out.


Most people who know me or have met me would probably describe me as soft spoken, quiet, shy, etc. For almost my whole life, I spent a great deal of energy denying this part of me and working hard towards trying to be anything but quiet and shy.  Why? Well, people in general (including myself) tend not to regard people with such characteristics as someone who is intelligent, creative, or a contributor.  


I knew I was brilliant (Hello! I'm Nigerian!) and  I always excelled in pretty much anything I put my mind to (sports, school, career, etc.), however, because others could not see my potential, I was comfortable keeping my capabilities to myself. As I matured, I realized that I was allowing society to put me in a box I did not belong in. 


This year, I'm bursting out of the box I've been placed in for so long.  No, not by all of sudden being out spoken and proud.  I am bursting out of that box by being comfortable being myself without allowing those characteristics to make me feel I deserve less than the next person.  Don't get me wrong, I know that to be successful in anything I put my mind to, being quiet won't exactly help.  Reality is that I know I am awesome.  I know I am capable of any and all things (check my resume). I just have to choose my moments of showing that to the world. 


This is me world! Deal with it! Hahaha!

Until next time,


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