5 Things Mommy’s Do But Will Never Admit To

Yeah!! It's almost the weekend!  For two days in a row, that means no more being at work when you really don't want to, no more sitting in boring and dragged out meetings, and no more waking up early.  Oh wait, I still have to wake up early.  Boo!  Ever since my kids transitioned from being babies to big babies (aka toddlers), this is how my Saturday mornings look...


For most mommy's, weekends are just a transition period from our 9-5 work to our 24 hr customer service job of serving our very needy yet cute and cuddly, unpredictable and multi-personality kids.  As a Mommy Blogger, it's easy to show you the pretty parts of "mommyhood" that we are able to master in the most "by-the-book" way.  But sometimes, kids leave you no choice but to venture out of what is accepted and to think of creative ways to control your sanity while controlling your kids.  The following are things I and other mothers have confessed to doing in order to get through our "weekend jobs" of catering to our kids.


"I sometimes feed my kids junk food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner."


For the most part, my kids eat home cooked meals (made by me) for dinner every night.  I also cook meals for them to take to school for lunch.  But on occasion, when laziness sets in or I am just too tired to hit the kitchen, I may dabble a bit in ordering pizza to cover dinner;  and breakfast the following day; and if there is still leftovers for lunch, it's a triple win! Trust me, I rarely do this, although the twins don't mind this one bit.

"I sometimes skip bath time."

I know I wrote a post about how much I love bath time with the twins (check it out here).  I do! I give the twins a bath every night during the week and every morning during the weekend.  However, I have those moments when we come back from the grandparents after bedtime or when I come home late from work and we are all too wiped out to partake into bath time activities.  During those occasions, I see it best to just skip it that night, for all our sakes, and resume our bath time routine the next day.  Technically, you don't actually have to shower everyday.

"I sometimes let my kids watch television all day."


When I first started my Master's degree program and let go of my nanny, I had to admit one major thing to myself: I can't win it all.  I had to come to terms with the reality that the moments of when I need to get work done, I'd have to choose between getting that paper done by distracting my kids with all day TV or failing that class so that I can provide my kids with healthy and productive learning and fun.  Sorry.  Sometimes, the first option won.  Thankfully, I had plenty of people to help me out and watch my kids during those moments  (Thank God for Hubby, the grandparents, aunties, uncles, friends, and coworkers). But sometimes, it was just me, myself, and I.

"I sometimes ignore my kids."

I like to sleep.  I love to sleep.  As a mom, I still try to convince myself that I can somehow, someway get a little extra sleep with 3-year old twins in the house.  During those moments when I deceive myself, those two like to crush my dreams with their tiny feet and giggles being heard right outside my bedroom door, 530am in the morning... on a Saturday.  During those moments, I just hope and pray that if I close my eyes, and stay quiet myself, maybe they'll go back to their beds and go to bed.  Nope.  100% of the time, they just open my door wide open and jump in my bed with louder giggles and laughter.  Sigh.

"I sometimes look forward to the end of the weekend."


As much as I look forward to the end of a work week, I sometimes also look forward to the end of the weekend (well, the weekends when it's just me trying to keep these two entertained all weekend).  I'm sure they look forward to getting back to school as well too though.  Their teachers can keep up with their excitement much better and longer than I can.

My objective of this post is not to out all the mommy's on our guilty practices (that we rarely join in).  It's also not to scare anyone into having children.  Honestly, these two are the best thing that could have ever happened to me.  I promise!  My objective is to show you that being a parent is not easy.  Try being a parent while trying to be good at your job, good as a friend, partaking in hobbies, having a love life, and sleeping.  Now, you've just complicated things.  It's not possible to be super mom (or super dad) all the time.  As much as we continue to try to be this perfect parent and fail every time, it's actually not that important.  The best thing you can offer your child, that not every child in this world gets unfortunately, is tons of love and attention.  So do whatever you need to do, to ensure you are able to mentally and physically do that (I won't tell).

Until next time,


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