We're Not Just Baby Breeders!

The past week has truly been amazing and inspiring! In case you aren’t aware, my sisters, Chika Okafor and Ogechi Babalola, are all pregnant together. This blessing alone has been so exciting for us. We knew not to take this experience for granted and took the opportunity to take pictures together the moment we knew we would be together. We never expected for our photos to go viral! Every morning, we all wake up to hundreds of notifications from social media. We have been contacted by numerous publications, such as BBC and Yahoo, to document our story. We were even offered by a media company to film a documentary series on us! This has truly been a fun and exciting dream come true!


The best thing that came from these photos is that our story has touched so many individuals in such a positive way! I personally have received numerous touching and thoughtful emails and messages from so many people.


Although we have received ridiculous and obviously racist comments, the positive and uplifting comments have definitely overshadowed them. The message I would like to leave with you all is this: we are just ordinary girls. We are not super special. We are sisters that have always been close since birth and our closeness has transpired into the kind of women we are today. We are women who are career focused… and family focused. For those who feel they cannot do both: YOU CAN (if you want). You don’t have to choose your career over having a family or vice versa. As women, we can accomplish whatever you want in life: be that CEO or doctor or engineer or lawyer; and be that amazing wife and mother and contributor to your household. You will be surprised how many of us are out there.


I know I’ve been MIA on my blog, but the positive response we have received have inspired us to continue to reach out and share more of our story. Stay with us because we have more in store for you! For anyone who has questions about our pregnancy or life in general, please ask away!


Until next time,


Photo credits: Onye

What we’re wearing: White Sweeheart Neckline Gown