Toddler Wardrobe Must Haves: Vans Sneakers

I should let you guys know, I suffer from spontaneous obsession disorder.  LOL.  I'm just kidding; thats not a real medical condition.... but, I do actually randomly become obsessive over the most unnecessary stuff sometimes.  I have had moments where I became super obsessed over crazy ish like feeling this uncontrollable desire to throw away all my dining ware and replace it with all matching dining ware for my kitchen.  There was another time when I spent hours online trying to find the perfect master bedroom bed set.  God bless my husband for putting his foot down on some of my crazy obsessive shopping moments, but also entertaining a good amount of them as well! 


Since the twins started preschool, however, my obsessive shopping has expanded to their wardrobe.  My most recent obsession: toddler sneakers! Yes! I'm obsessed with them! Shoes that I've seen around for years have all of a sudden caught my attention for the twins.

The Vans Toddler Old Skool V are absolutely the best obsession I could have for my twins.  One thing about my kids is that it is pretty easy to dress them up and get them looking super cute! (they are twins so they are cute by default).  But give it an hour and they are already looking a hot mess from playing outside, getting dirty, and basically not giving af about keeping clean and neat.  But with these shoes.... you are almost guaranteed a full day of cuteness.  I'll explain why.  

1. Super comfortable!


My daughter has a tendency to take off her shoes whenever shoes are uncomfortable to wear (yeah, the teachers complain a lot about this).  These shoes stay on her feet all day whenever I put them on her.

2. Very affordable!

I personally refuse to spend a lot of money on shoes for my kids.  They grow so fast and they ruin shoes very easily.  I just don't have the desire to throw cash away on my kids like that.  As much as I loved these shoes when they first captured my eye, I waited until I found them for a price I was comfortable with.  This shoe varies in price from $35-50.  After searching for this shoe (because their size is very hard to find), I found a Vans store near me that had this shoe available for $35!  That is a price I am willing to pay for these kids.

3.  Easy to clean!


Because of the durable material of this shoe, anything that gets on these bad boys are easy to wipe off with a little soap and water (I can vouch that vomit will come off... including the smell).  Also, the white part of the shoes is easily cleaned with just a Clorox or 409 wet wipe.

4. Easy to put on!

These shoes are so easy to put on that my kids sometimes put these shoes on by themselves!  Even with my sons wide feet, he is still able to easily slide his foot in and close the velcro straps.

5. Gender neutral!


Not much explaining is needed here (just look at these pics!  How cute are they!).  These shoes look super cute for both girls and boys.  I rarely buy the same shoe for my kids (I don't think Ari would be too happy with a lot of Ada's pink and purple shoes). However, this shoe is cool enough for my boy and cute enough for my girl.  

6. Just so damn cute!

These shoes are just perfect.  I started on this obsession of looking for sneakers for the twins because they were in need of a durable black shoe that they could wear to school and for casual outings.  This shoe is just perfect.  It's so versatile! Ari can wear this shoe with shorts and pants.  Ada can wear this shoe with skirts, dresses, and pants.  I love it.

So if you have toddler children, nieces, nephews, or grandkids; Hell, if you like your neighbors kids or your co-workers kids, go now and buy these perfect little shoes!


Until next time,


What Ada is wearing: Jumper - Target / Denim Top - Target / Sneakers - Vans / Head tie - Amazon

What Ari is wearing: T-shirt - OshKosh B'gosh (just $5!) / Jeans - OshKosh B'gosh / Sneakers - Vans

Shop their looks!