Fearless in 2018

Hey everyone! January is one of my favorite months (aside from my birthday month, June, Thanksgiving month, November, and Christmas month, December).  What I like about January is that it is the beginning.  The first month of the year allows us to start fresh and new.  Who doesn't love a clean slate?

Last year was my year of turn up: to do me, be me and have fun while doing it.  This year, the year I turn the big 3-0, I really want to gain the ability of being fearless in working towards the goals I have for myself.  I have this secret love.  NO, not a secret "lover." I have a secret "love." I really enjoy blogging and creating this interactive yet very public diary of my thoughts, my struggles, and my vain obsessions of fashion.  I look forward to receiving comments via this blog, social media, and in person.  However, fear of judgement and critique keep me away from really pursuing it. So on this day, I have decided to "eff" the fears, the second guessing and the doubt.  Today I am really, truly going to pursue blogging all the way through. 2018 is the year of "no holding back!"

So my bucket list for this year is around following through with what I really want to do with my blog. For 2018, the following is a list of accomplishments I would like to achieve and work towards this year:


Yes, being a career mom who is in school full time and taking care of two very hyperactive 3 year olds can make a girl busy. However, I love blogging so much that all the previously mentioned items in my life could hardly keep me away.  It's mostly this voice I have in my head that tells me that my blog sucks.  But I know my blog is bomb (to me at least).  So, from today, that silly little voice in my head doesn’t matter; Only the joy I get from blogging.


If you guys have any idea how much time I spend online looking for bloggers that I'd like to link up with and how many beauty and fashion industry events I've attended with the hopes of finding amazing collaboration opportunities, you'd think I'd have a list of collaboration work lined up for me (at least one).  Nope.  Not even one.  I find people I'd like to link up with just to become too afraid and intimated to approach them.  I attend events only to shy away from reaching out and advertising my blog to others, even when there are people that have shown interest in what I have to offer. Today, I will be fearless and proud of what I know I can contribute to the lifestyle blogger world.  I will present my blog with confidence, knowing I can produce amazing work.



I need to first believe that Onyee's LifeSTYLE is my brand.  I often times get stuck in this idea that I can only become a brand once I reach a certain level of following.  Eff that!  I am a brand.  Onyee's LifeSTYLE is my brand.  The moment I believe that is the moment that others will too.  I also need to present it as such.  Just as a business advertises themselves, networks, and have the tools to do such (i.e., business cards, media kit, resume, etc.), so should I for Onyee's LifeSTYLE.  So maybe I only have around 1000 followers for all my social media combined... Who cares!! My following can only increase as long as I maintain consistency and publicize my value (Bucketlist #1 and #2).


(no matter how imperfect and embarrassing it might be) 

There have been several posts I've written in the past, only to delete it completely because I felt I was being too honest or giving too much information about myself.  I kept being safe.  Today, I will not be afraid of being 100% me on my blog.  My readers will get the good, the bad, and the ugly of Onyeka Ufere.


So, guys... That's my bucket list.  It may seem simple, but this is actually pretty nerve recking (and super scary) for me.  However, I know that if I can accomplish fear this year, only good things will come out from it.

A few days ago, I came across the following quote in my daily devotional book...

“...there is always a way for the determined woman.”

I am determined and ready to put in the work! Wish me luck!!

IMG_7016 2.jpg

Until next time,


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