Well, I hope all you natural hair people are happy... I am finally finally going natural.  Why, you may ask? Well, I really do love how my hair looks after a fresh perm but I am just so tired of my weak edges and baby hairs.  I can't keep braids in my hair for long before the braids pull my little hairs out.

Also, I have found it to be much easier to take care of my daughters hair when we have the same hair regimen; and there is no way I was about to start perming my three year old daughters hair!

I should tell you guys... I have absolutely no idea about how to grow my natural hair.  I am certainly no natural hair guru or expert.  All I know is the little I learned from my natural sisters and friends.  I am going to focus on maintaining moisture in my hair and protecting my hair.

Our Routine:

At least once a day, I will put the following products in our hair:

1. Shea butter

2. Daily hair moisture creme

3. Jamaican Castor Oil 

4. Argan oil leave-in conditioner

Share your hair regimens with me!  What has worked for you?  What protective styles do you use to maintain moisture?

The current protective style we are trying out is Crochet with Havana Twists.  


I will try and keep you all updated with the progress every so often, so pray for our hair you guys!! 

See ya'll!!

What I'm wearing: Top - H&M (similar here) / Jeans - Target (similar here)

What Ada's wearing: Top - Cat & Jack (similar here) / Jeans - Baby Gap (similar here) / Jellies - Carters (similar here)