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I knowwwwww!!!!!!!! Where in the world have I been??!! 

Well... Let me just be frank with you all.  This bloggers life is not easy! I had to get away for a little while to take care of life and figure myself out.  To be honest, I missed my blog! I missed my readers! I missed having this space to just vent, release, and share a little piece of me with the world.

So, I'm back and it's all thanks to the wonderful city of Dubai.

A few weeks ago, I went on my very first girls trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Let me just tell you, Dubai is beautiful!! It is officially one of my favorite cities to visit.  At my current age of 29, I feel like I finally found myself.  I know the kind of people I want around me; I know where I want to go in life; and I know who I want to be.  

There are three things I discovered on this trip:

1. My desire to know God more: I pride myself in having God in my life. However, it was through a series of conversations, observations, and experiences that I knew my desire to know Him more, finally needed to be met.  They say the first step towards any progress is to recognize the gap (whatever that may be).  The next step is to proactively work towards closing that gap.  That is what I intend to do.  I am willing and ready to discover God in a whole new way and develop a better personal relationship with Him.

2. Like-minded women: If you do not know what it means to have a friendship with women who are like-minded in spirit, drive and aspirations in life, mannnnnnnn... you are missing!  I feel very blessed to call the girls that I went on this trip with, my friends.  How do I describe my time in Dubai with these ladies: fun, silly, crazy, uplifting, emotional, inspiring... Just pure awesomeness!!  Love you guys!!

3. Myself: I always knew who I was, but I somehow became that x10 in Dubai.  I did not, for one moment, think about how others may perceive me or what I'm "suppose" to do or how I'm "suppose" to act.  I was just "me."  Effortlessly me.  I shared all sides of me with Dubai.  I was silly; I was strong; I was fun; I was vulnerable; I was a friend; I was a sister; I was just me without fear or remorse.  I was unapologetically me.

I can't fully describe it, but in Dubai, everything was clear: Who I wanted to be, I was.  My goal in life at this moment is to be me to the fullest, to enjoy life and the people around me, to make mistakes, to fall, and to get up and try again.  My goal in life at this very moment is to be unapologetically me.


What I'm Wearing: Gown - Design by me and tailored by Mr. Bello (similar here, here, and here) / Jeweled clutch - Downtown Los Angeles store (similar here)


What I'm Wearing: Maxi cut out dress - ASOS (get it here)

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What I'm Wearing: Dubai Kaftan - Gift / Bag - Chanel


What I'm Wearing: Two piece swim suit - ASOS (similar here, here, and here) / Sunglasses - Downtown LA store (similar here and here)


What I'm Wearing: Maxi cut out dress - ASOS (get it here)


What I'm Wearing: Maxi dress - Esosa (made in Nigeria) / Sunglasses - Prada (get it here)


Dubai is such a beautiful and wonderful city.  For more pictures and videos from my trip to Dubai, be sure to follow me on Instagram (click the icon above) and SnapChat at Onyees_lifestyle.

Take care everyone!