As a child, my siblings and I never got the opportunity to partake in Halloween festivities. This is actually a very common practice for most Nigerian homes in America.  For all the Nigerians that grew up in America, I'm sure most of you had parents that told you Halloween was a celebration of the devil.

It never really bothered me about my family not celebrating Halloween, but as a mother.... I AM READY FOR HALLOWEEN!! Last year was our first time dressing the twins up for Halloween and they were so adorable! 

The twins went trick-or-treating, but people don't answer their doors to pass out candy like they use to.  This year, we will still take the twins trick-or-treating, but I want the twins (and myself... hehehe) to really experience Halloween.

After doing a little bit of research (aka googling), I found five activities that I would love to take the twins to.

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 3.55.12 PM.png

#5 - Halloween Spooktacular


This event is like a Halloween-themed puppet show, showcasing all kinds of classic spooky Halloween characters.  I'm not sure what to expect with this type of show, but I know that the twins will adore seeing these characters! One aspect of this event that I think will be wonderful for the twins is the interaction that takes place with the audience.  Also, from reviewing youtube videos of the show, it seems very intimate, which is also a plus.

Location: Downtown Los Angeles, California

Date(s): September 23 - November 5 (Fri/Sat/Sun)

Costs: $15

Click here for more info

#4 - Creepy Crawly Hallow's Eve


I am definitely not a fan of creepy crawlers.  A few Summers ago, I stayed in Questa, New Mexico (the middle of no where) for an internship.  I saw a huge spider over my bed and I never touched it until my boyfriend at that time (now my husband) came to visit me (1 month later) and killed it.  I am telling you guys, I will not touch any insect or creepy crawler for anything in this world! But I digress.  Even though I hate hate hate insects, reptiles and anything of that creepy crawler nature, my babies (especially Ari) would love the chance to touch a spider or lizard.  So why not allow them an opportunity to do so without me having to be the one to supervise it?? Hehehe.

All donations and proceeds for this event go to the care and food of the rescued exotic animals of this facility.

Location: Culver City, California

Date(s): October 22

Cost: Donation

Click here for more info

#3 - Kidspace 21st Annual Pumpkin Festival


Now this event an easy one.  This pumpkin festival is similar to a carnival with games, rides, petting zoo, a costume parade, and so much more.  Ari and Ada love all of this! This would be a 100% success for them.

All donations for this event benefits the Kidspace Children's Museum (where event is hosted at).

Location: Pasadena, California

Date(s): October 14 - 15

Cost: Donation

Click here for more info

#2 - Halloween Stroll in Riviera Village


Yes!! This is perfect for the twins!  Last year, the twins were dressed up in their costumes for Halloween.  They had their pumpkin containers ready for collecting candy, but there were barely any kids out to join them in the festivities and hardly any nice neighbors willing to answer the door and their little "Trick-or-treat!" calls.

This event is sure to have tons and tons of children around where it is guaranteed every store and home in this location will be ready to provide candy for them.  You know what the best part is? It's free!

Location: Redondo Beach, California

Date(s): October 31

Cost: FREE!!

Click here for more info

#1 - Frightfully Fintastic FishyFest


This event has a little bit of all the previously mentioned activities: Trick-or-treating, interacting with marine animals, glow in the dark scenery, arts and crafts, Dia de los Muertos learning activities, and so much more! I love any event where my kids can have fun, learn and experience something new, and do hands on activities.

Location: Santa Monica, California

Date(s): October 28 - 29

Cost: Free for children under age 13; $5 for older

Click here and here for more info

Which activity do you think we should attend?  Are there any other toddler-friendly Halloween activities that you guys know of?

Have a great night everyone!