I'm Back!

Hey Everyone!  I know, I know... I totally and completely committed Blogger suicide by going on an unannounced hiatus.  I assure you, I did not do it purposefully.  Just before my last post, I was anticipating my time being divided so much between family, school, working two fulltime roles at work, catering to my hubby, and children.  In my mind, I planned a two week break which somehow turned into a three month hiatus.  Honestly, since May, nothing has really changed as far as my work load. I'm still currently working like a horse; But I miss blogging like crazy.  It is probably the one thing in my life I have utter control over.  So Hello Onyee's LifeStyle! I'm back!

Although I haven't been posting, I have captured a few of my activities and events that I have been going to this summer.  I will somehow find a very skillful and sly way to share them all with you over time.  I will start with this past weekend.  Last weekend was a very popular weekend for weddings.  

Me n hubby.jpg

Two people close to me and my family were getting married, so I created this whole plan on how to attend both.  Of course, I ended up spending majority of my day waiting for the wedding to start.  Over a 10 hour day, I spent 45 productive minutes at one wedding and about one hour at the other.  

Over all, I definitely was feeling myself and my husband.  What do you all think?

Photo credits: Munachi Ufere

What I'm wearing: Maxi dress - ASOS (here) / Heels - BCBG / Earrings - Lagos Fashions / Bag - Chanel