Lady in Purple

After delivering my twins almost two years ago, I became self conscious of my stomach.  I was the type of girl (pre-pregnancy) who wore crop tops and bodycon dresses.  Wearing skintight clothing definitely was not a problem for me before.  After having my twins, I completely transformed my wardrobe from bodycon dresses to shift dresses.  I wore anything that would hide the fact that my midsection was not exactly looking like Beyonce's.  

Fast forward 20 months later, my stomach is much more flatter but I still love shift dresses.  This dress is one of my favorite shift dresses I own.  I bought it when my twins were about 3 months old for their Baptism.

I am still on the journey of getting my body back to its original shape.  Until I get there, It's nice to know I can depend on clothing items like a shift dress to hide those insecurity areas for me.

Have a great Memorial weekend everyone!!

What I'm wearing: Shift dress - Zara (old; similar here) / Heels - BCBG Cynthia (old; similar here and here)