All White Family Affair

Let me start off by apologizing for my undeclared absence from blogging.  For the past two weeks, I have been preoccupied with work, traveling for work, school work, family stuff, etc.  The list goes on.  How ever, no excuses!! (Shame, shame Onyee!!)  I'm back now and have tons to share!

About two weeks ago, my mom executed a successful plan in surprising my father with a Sunday Thanksgiving service in his honor and a surprise lunch with all his friends and family to celebrate his retirement.  My mom arranged for everyone to wear white.  I was so sure that once my dad saw everyone dressed in white in church, he would notice something was up.  It turns out, my dad still had no clue! (oh Daddy... lol).

Aside from being able to enjoy such a wonderful and beautiful day with all my siblings and family (which is rare), I loved how beautiful my family looked with all of us wearing the same color.  I think one day, I'm going to secretly make up reasons for all of us to wear the same color.  


Have an awesome week!! 

What I'm wearing: White lace crop top - H&M / High waisted grey pants - My mommy's closet / White heels - Anne Klein

What Hubby is wearing: White button up shirt - Zara / Blue pants - Zara / Sunglasses - Versace / Belt - Salvatore Ferragamo / Shoes - Salvatore Ferragamo 

What Ari is wearing: White button up shirt - OshKosh B'gosh / Kaki pants - OshKosh B'gosh / Black loafers - Babies R' Us

What Ada is wearing: White dress - OshKosh B'gosh / Hairband - Gift / Sandals - OshKosh B'gosh