Polka Dots in the Sun

Growing up, I've come to the realization that the journey of becoming like your mother is inevitable!  As a teenager, I vowed to do everything different than how my mother raised me (only because I didn't know any better).  I promised myself to let my children be free to express themselves, to hang out with their friends, and to trust them to attend social functions. As I've matured from a naive teenager to a not so naive twenty something year old, I have come to the realization that I was an idiot for not seeing how amazing my mother is and how lucky and blessed I am to have her.  Seeing how my siblings and I have turned out, I better start praying to God everyday to become at least of what my mother is (It's hard raising good and successful children these days!!) 

I'm sure you probably can't tell, but the intent of this post was to talk about how I love polka dots (just like my mom).  However, I somehow digressed into babbling about my perfect mommy (I digress a lot).

Let me not bore you any further gushing about my mom.  Happy early Mothers day to all the mommies!! 

What I'm Wearing: Shirt and Shorts - My Mommy's closet / Sandal heels - Zara / Bag - ASOS / Gold watch - Coach / Gold bracelet - J Crew