Easter Sunday

I really Really REALLY look forward to any opportunity where I get the chance to dress up my twins without looking like a crazy mom.  What better opportunity to dress the whole family up than for Easter?!  My mom made these outfits for us during her last trip to Nigeria and I absolutely love it!  My dress was designed by my younger sister (Thanks babe!).  

Usually for Easter, we would go to church and have Easter lunch with my parents and siblings after Mass.  However, this Easter, everyone was unavailable.  My hubby and I both agreed that we couldn't just end our Easter Sunday so quickly, so we decided to have our own little family brunch at a restaurant by the ocean in Marina Del Rey, CA.  The restaurant location was beautiful!  The food was wonderful and we somehow got a whole room to ourselves that looked out to the ocean, allowing the twins to run, frolic, and act crazy (without embarrassing me).

What I'm wearing: Maxi dress - Made in Nigeria

What Hubby is wearing: Tunic top - Made in Nigeria \ Pants - Zara \ Loafers - Roberto Durville

What Twins are wearing: Dress and Tunic - Made in Nigeria