Palm Springs Daycation

Last weekend, a group of my friends (I refer to them as "the crew") spent the weekend in Palm Springs.  One of the downsides of being a mommy (one of very very few) is that sometimes, I'm not always able to hang with "the crew" to the extent I'd like to.  Thankfully, Palm Springs is a two hour drive from my house.  So last minute, I decided to spend the day out there with them.

Anyone that has been to Palm Springs know that people go there for one of three reasons:

1. To retire

2. To shop (Outlets!  Outlets!  Outlets!)

3.  To relax

In other words, Palm Springs is definitely not the "turn up" spot.  But this post is not about Palm Springs.  It's about how blessed I am to have friends like "the crew."  The crew is a mix of people I grew up with and met along the way on my journey in life.  One thing I can say is unique about this group compared to any other group of friends I've ever been a part of is that there is never any drama or shadiness among us; only love, support, happiness, and soooooo much turn up!  We support each other, advise each other, tell each other the truth (almost to a fault... no, definitely to a fault), and are each others biggest cheerleaders.  I feel sooo blessed to have these people in my life.  Love you all!!!

By the way:  this is not the whole crew :-)


What I'm wearing: White midi dress - Asos / Denim top - Asos / Sneakers - Converse / Bucket bag - Tignanello