Top Five Valentine's Day Gift Options For the Dapper Husband

Valentines Day (aka "Wifey gets a gift" day) is soon approaching us.  This will be the first Valentines day we spend out of town, thanks to the hubby currently working outside California.  I'll keep the location secret for now until I post about our Valentine's day adventure.  Hint: The weather of the location we are spending Valentines day at is completely opposite of Southern California weather.

I use Valentines day (and almost every holiday) to get my hubby something he really needs.  My husband is super dapper and can dress to impress anytime, anyplace.  His exceptional gift is, however, a curse as well.  What's so bad about dressing superb, you ask?  Well, his style doesn't exactly work for picnics, children's parties, or any casual event.  So this year, I'm focusing on adding a new accessory to the casual side of his closet.

The following are the top five items I think can be a great Valentines Day gift that both you and your dapper husband (or boyfriend, baby daddy, best friend, etc.) will love.

1.  Sneakers

Nice, clean and crisp new sneakers can make a man's casual outfit go from "bland" to "amazing!"  For more sneaker options, click here.

2.  Denim button up shirt

A denim shirt goes with every kind of pant, shorts, sweats, etc.  He will never go wrong with his outfit if he wears a demin top.  For more denim button up shirt options, click here.

3.  Joggers

Time to throw away those nasty sweats he seems so comfortable to wear out in public.  The nice fit of joggers works well for running errands or having a chill evening at a friends house.  For more joggers options, click here.

4.  Sunny Shades

In my opinion, a man can never have enough sunglasses.  For more sunny shades options, click here.

5.  Gym clothes

Want your man to feel sexy and enthusiastic about going to the gym?  Get him some gym clothes that makes him feel like he doesn't even need the gym.  For more workout clothes options, click here.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Kisses!