Cold, Cough, and All the Above

Lucky me. I've been bit by the cold bug, and I feel terrible.  To start off, if you hear me speak, I sound like a frog suffering from emphysema.  By the way, am I the only one that loves to sing when your voice is croaking?  But I digress. 

I also have a pounding headache that comes and goes as it chooses, a runny nose, cough, etc.  Name it, I've got it.  But what's worse than feeling this monstrous is knowing that it's inevitable that my babies will soon catch my cold  (why me!)

If anyone has seen a baby or an infant with a cold, it is unbearable to watch.  They can't breathe because their nose is stuffed, a baby's cough sounds terrible, they cry as if they are in pain, they can't eat, they can't sleep, the list goes on.

The following are the items I use to get rid of my cold or to at least alleviate the symptoms.  For the most part, it works: 

To help with my sore throat and voice, I cook up a spicy pot of fish peppered soup.  Growing up in a Nigerian household, peppered soup is always the go-to remedy for colds and the flu.  Does it work?  Most likely not, but it sure taste good!

The following are the cold remedies I use for the babies:

What cold remedies do you use?