Hello Everyone!

Welcome to my page.  This has been a long overdue entrance into the blogging world, but better late than never.  This is actually the perfect time for me to start blogging because I have tons to share with you all.  I plan on using this blog site as an outlet to share my experiences (failures and successes) as a mother, wife, and young woman figuring out the world.  Aside from being a young wife and mother, I tend to lust over all things fashion.  So by default, you will get a little taste of my fashion sense and how I incorporate it in every aspect of my life from my daily work style (even though i have to wear an ugly oversized nomex coveralls over my clothes) to how I dress up my twin babies and already dapper husband.

I hope the transparency I will attempt to portray on the blog will help at least one reader be entertained, learn something, or all the above.  So be patient with me.  I anticipate some rustiness in the beginning, but eventually I will get better with time.  Feel free to send me your thoughts, feedback, and ideas.  It would be greatly appreciated.  Until next time, kisses!