Hey! I’m Onyee of Onyee’s Lifestyle! welcome to my blog!

Being a millennial wife and mother of two sets of twins has been an awesome joy, yet a challenge all at the same time. There is this inner struggle mothers have (or at least I do) of trying to obtain this goal of perfection in all aspects of our lives (motherhood, womanhood, individuality, marriage, etc.). We want to be the best mom to our kids, the sexiest wife to our husbands, the baddest boss lady at our job (even if we are the boss of no one) and still have time to enjoy life as an individual. Sometimes, we spend so much time paying close attention to the roles we play (the mom, the wife, the worker, etc.) that we feel we don’t have enough time to put attention to the things we want to do and become as an individual woman.

My mission for this blog is to use my life experiences and lessons learned to show my readers that we can do it all! (or we can at least try to). As a successful career woman in the energy industry, a wife, and a mother to two sets of twins (that four children guys!!!), I have learned a few pointers on planning, multitasking, and discovering ways to be my best self in the many roles I play while still having time to cater to myself as an individual.

Through my blog, anticipate viewing my personal journey as a woman going about life and doing what makes me happy as I tackle my many roles in life as a mother, wife, sister, friend, and blogger.